1. What is Apne Bal Peh?

Apne Bal Peh is a initiative by ASK Development for the youth of Pakistan. It provides training, workshops, career counseling, and webinar/seminar sessions to youth and assists them in internships, job placements, and startup businesses.

2. Can i join the Apne Bal Peh program voluntarily?

Yes, you can join the ABP program voluntarily.

3. How universities can join?

Universities can visit the Apne Bal Peh website and join by submitting their information in the join us tab, later focal person from the ABP team will contact the university.

4. How students/youth can join?

Students/youth can join the Apne Bal Peh program by visiting ABP website and submitting their details in the join us Student tab.

5. How companies can become ABP part?

Companies can register them on the Apne Bal Peh website by submitting their details in the join us tab under the industry category, focal person from the ABP team will later coordinate with them.

6. The services offered to companies are paid or unpaid?

Services like Placement and provisioning of Human resource is minimally charged.

7. How ABP helps in internships?

ABP has launched an internship program with the objective to improve coordination among universities, companies, and students/interns. ABP’s role in the internship program entails providing support to universities and companies in the development of structural internship programs. It provides support to the companies in recruiting the right candidate. Furthermore, it also provides capacity building webinar sessions for the students/fresh graduates for choosing the right company/SME for internship.

8. What is the fee for attending the webinar session?

Webinar is complimentary for all, no fee is charged for it.

9. Do you provide certificates for the webinars?

No certificate will be offered for attending the webinar. Certificates are offered for workshops, training, and conferences.

10. How to join the webinar?

Participants can join the webinar by clicking the Zoom meeting link on their phones and laptops which is shared by ABP Team.

11. Can I ask questions during the webinar?

yes, you can, in the chat box available on the Zoom application.

12. How to register for webinars, conferences, training, or workshop?

By scanning the QR code mentioned on the brochures or any other mode as mentioned in the advertisement brochure.

13. How to register with the Apne Bal Peh program?

Visit www.apnebalpeh.com and click the Join Us tab and fill out the form available there.

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