Who we are?


Apne Bal Peh is a CSR socio-economic initiative by ASK Development to develop youth for business and jobs. It is a comprehensive program to enable and facilitate youth for professional and practical life. Through this program ASK Development is trying to reduce gap between academia, industry, and the youth. By decreasing this gap Apne Bal Peh program will help in reducing unemployment rate in country. Apne Bal Peh is a self-funding commencement of compatible minded people who believe in wellbeing of youth and society overall. All the stakeholders (advisors, consultants, trainers & financial institutes) involved in Apne Bal Peh program focus on establishing and enhancing the skills soft (soft, technical) and potential of youth. ASK Development through Apne Bal Peh program emphasizes on providing better employment opportunities for job and businesses for fresh graduates/youth. As ASK Development is an HR consulting and capacity building an organization with a mission of maximizing human potential by cultivating Attitude, Skills and Knowledge so with this leverage, ASK believes it is the right time to play its part for the development of nation/country.

VISION Enabling youth to be instrumental to economic growth and socio-cultural asset of society.

MISSION Facilitation in developing youth through bridging gap in academia, industry and policy makers.

Our values are

1. Volunteerism, desire to help others

2. Ethics, guiding principle is universal values

3. Learning, acquisition of knowledge and skills

4. Discipline, obeying rules

5. Support, adding value for good


1. Organizing courses for youth to develop them for jobs and entrepreneurship.

2. Launching courses for skill enhancement so that youth could improve their earning for better living standards.

3. Assisting universities/educational institutes in strengthening their Career Development Centers and managing other initiatives aiming at improvement in academia- industry linkages.

4. Facilitating industry in employment of groomed youth aligning industry demand and academia produce.

Organization Purpose

It is a training & development program with professional structure having support of like-minded individuals. Presently, it operates under ASK Development with team of professionals & volunteers. Since it is a not-for-profit initiative, anyone, who agrees to its objectives can join under a specific association. “Apne Bal Peh” has Board of Independent Advisors, a pool of subject experts, youth volunteers and educational institutions as collaborators.


A self-funding initiative drawing support from its sponsors, events, like-minded organizations and corporates. “Apne Bal Peh” is an initiative of like-minded people who believe in well-being of youth and are open to all those agree to its program.

Collaboration & Partners

Purpose of Partners is a Planned Sequence and Combination of Activities Designed to Equip Youth with Knowledge and Skills to become Better Professionals. Each Program is Aimed at Achieving Specific Business Goals.

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IIUI University


Superior University


University Of Sindh


CUST University


University of Sialkot


Namal Knowledge City, Mianwali


Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University Peshawar


University of Lahore


Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University


Khushal Khan Khattak University


Alhamd Islamic University


Federal Urdu University Islamabad



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